Part I of II: City of Stars

Here’s to an early February recap because life just happens to work out that way. You never know what to expect tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, or even years from now. Don’t worry, the last part of the January recap is coming soon! (Or update in the month of June**, possibly never.)

I am absolutely entranced by the city I live in. In a day and age where people have become so wrapped up in their own lives and phones, we often forget to look up and see the beautiful world around us. I am no different, but today was another day that made me realize the importance of enjoying life to its fullest extent. My adventure today began like this:

My friends and I decided out on a whim to head to the classic LA landmark, Griffith Observatory, after dinner. The morning of, me and two of my closest friends watched Train to Busan (I could totally give a review on this movie). Afterwards, we went to get hotpot, picked up two more of my friends and headed out to Glendale. After twenty minutes (minutes that felt like hours) of struggling to find space in the bustling parking lot, we manage to pull into a nearby parking space near the entrance. Give or take two hours and we’re done eating dinner, after much contemplation on what to eat – to eat In-N-Out, to eat Vegas Buffet, to eat Kopan Ramen, to eat Poke, etc. We eventually settle with Tender Greens, head off to Sprinkles, then out of spontaneous whim, we unanimously agree to head up to Griffith Observatory.

In a place that is filled with tourists 24/7, 365 days a year (excluding the holidays), I was expecting something amazing, and when I walked away tonight, I was blown away (literally at some points – the wind was pretty strong) to say the least. I realized how tiny and insignificant we humans can be when the world around us is so vastly large in scale. At the beginning, as much as I wanted to absorb the scenery and the nature, I couldn’t help but reach into the depth (or perhaps shallowness because you know how girl pockets are) of my pocket and pull out my phone to capture the very moment of me standing there, staring at the beautiful stars and city lights. Yet a mere photo on the iPhone can hardly serve the scenery justice. I realized this when the Hollywood sign could not be seen at all in my photos and the DTLA skyscrapers were just dots that formed a pretty bokeh pattern. In disappointment, I stuffed my phone as I stopped trying to capture the moment for memory’s sake. Instead, I realized that the best way to capture a moment is to be int he moment. As I dropped my hands to my sides tonight, I realized how beautiful it truly is to just look and immerse myself in my surroundings.

So I did just that. For a good fifteen minutes, I stared out onto the landscape, seeing the glittering lights shine reflect on the horizon. Car headlights connected, forming a yellow, almost golden-like stream. It was beautiful and astounding. I was so inspired by it that I long to see that view all over again. It’s times like these where you need to enjoy life and take a step away from all your problems and troubles (for me, college admissions). Today was a much needed night and a much needed break.

Go out and enjoy the world. Trust me, you’ll walk away, feeling anew.


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